Monday, 6 August 2012


This weekend I spent a few days with my mum - we haven't seen each other in a while so it was great to have a proper weekend together.

One thing we did was go to the hairdresser... Something I haven't done in about 13 years *laughs* I tend to just trim my hair myself, which means I have had pretty much the same style for that entire time. So, time for a change!

Then we bought mum an iPad - hurtling her into the 21st Century *grins* We had quite a lot of fun setting that up and face-timing with my brother.

And, talking of iPads and my brother - check out this awesome pneumatic stand he made:

You use a little switch to make it change angle. I think I need one of these for my iPad now (not that I'm hinting at all!) I love how versatile lego is - it's not just for kids people *laughs*

And one final update, in my slightly scattered thoughts this morning... You remember the steampunk iron man I made based on a tutorial from Jen at Epbot? Well, I sent her a picture and she posted about it on her blog *huge grin* He's just over halfway down the page.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


  1. Mom is so happy with her new IPad that she stayed up until 1 in the morning playing word games with people all over the world. However, this morning she is totally kna****ed! LOVE the hair!

    1. Don't you mean "ramfeezled"? ;)

      Glad you love it, I really hoped you would!

  2. Thanks for the kudos, though I'm afraid I can't make you as I tapped out my pneumatic supplies :(

  3. New hairstyle? How fun! Looks wonderful!

  4. Love your cute face! That's a great haircut especially with your glasses. :) So, your brother is a creativity monster too, huh? Oh what I would give for a bit of that DNA. You guys are awesome. Tell your mom I said so. xoxo Alex

    PS - ask Cassandra about her weekend... three days with her cousins and her grandma doing crafting. LOL She's exhausted (or kna***ed, as it were.)

  5. Love the hair cut, really suits you!

  6. Like the hair! And the iPad stand!


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