Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Stripe Study Shawl KAL Update #2

Good morning and welcome to my second Stripe Study Shawl Knitalong update *smiles*

It's getting harder to photograph now *laughs* The rows seem to be getting really long, and yet the shawl itself still seems pretty small. Which does not bode well for the length of the upcoming rows!

Luckily I am still loving it, both the simplicity of knitting garter stitch and the striking look of the shawl. Each row adds to the overall look and I really like that. I'm part way through row 10 at this stage. I would have been further along had it not been for this:

I sliced open my finger (not entirely sure how either), which then swelled up and was incredibly sore. So that stopped me being able to knit for a good few days :(

I tested it out last night, and am happy to announce that it has healed enough to knit, albeit slower than usual!

As there are now a few people joining in with the Knitalong, I thought it might be worth adding a Mr. Linky, so please do drop your links in there so that we can keep track! And the fabulous Sarah, my co-conspirator in this knitalong, sent me the details of how to add a collage of the knitalong projects pictured on Instagram (if you want yours featured here, just tag your photo with #sssknitalong):

Oh, and I'm also linking up with Frontier Dreams, with Keep Calm Crafting on today too *grins*


  1. A while back I tried a similar shawl--rows and rows of garter stitch! It ended up being frogged! But I am starting to feel an itch to knit a shawl now, and all the beauties in the link-up are a real inspiration!

  2. Look what you started!! they all look FAB.

  3. It's looking great!!!!!

    Hope that finger is better soon, you've a lot more knitting to do!!!!!!

  4. yay! it looks fantastic :) i love how one can actually see the shape of it; mine is impossible to open up like that, my cable is way too short.

    i'm not on instagram, so thanks a lot for sharing some of the pictures from there. great inspiration :)

    get well soon, finger!

  5. Ouch! I'm glad the finger is healing. The shawl looks great so far :)

  6. It is looking amazing! I love this pattern and you chose such good colors for it too!

  7. I love how your shawl is turning out.

  8. It's amazing! And even more amazing that you have some many working on the project too! Kudos.

  9. lookin good! I want to make one!! But I cannot justify one more wip... i really cant!

  10. It's looking fab, I'm really enjoying my first KAL. Hope your finger's better soon!

  11. Sorry about your finger injury! I am extra careful in the kitchen now so I don't risk getting a knitting-impacting injury :-) I'm getting to the long rows in two shawls right now, so I know how you feel. Every rows takes a little longer and longer.

  12. Love the yarn you are using, that emerald green is gorgeous! How long are your circulars? Mine are 80cm I wish they were longer so I could see the shawl properly....this one could well be for th longhaul!

    Glad your finger is a bit better, hope you're back up to speed soon!

  13. I've been meaning to knit this shawl for a while. Why not now? Well...there's lots of reasons why not. But this is Spring. The time for too many projects. My knitting bag overfloweth.

  14. Ohhh no- I so know your pain. I cut my finger 2 weeks ago but luckily only my left thumb so it was okay. See knitting make us like some fingers more than others.

    I could kick myself that i didn't see this KAL before. I just started my second color affection this week and well I could have gone for a Stripe Study before. >.< But oh well, 2 garter shawls back to back will prolly kill my patiences.

    It does look great- I love your colors choice.

  15. Hey! I'm excited!

    Two days ago, on vacation in Bend, Oregon, I bought hand spun yum alpaca DK. Two skeins each, gray and cream, 175 yards a skein. That means I have some figuring to do as the yarn will be fatter and the yardage shorter.

    Anyone want to help me figure out the change in yarn weight? Needle size?

    Suzan -- Zazi on Ravelry


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