Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3KCBWWC - Craft your Perfect Day

For today’s topic, I think I’m going to invoke the wildcard. It’s not that there aren’t people who inspire me, it’s that there are many! I’m inspired by my fellow bloggers, by Ravelry friends and their projects, by a few designers whose patterns always appeal to me… To save my inevitable anxiety, I’ll just go with the wildcard!

Craft Your Perfect Day
Plan your fantasy day with your craft, It might just take up one hour of your day or be the entire focus of the day, but tell your readers where you'd love to craft, whether you'd craft alone or with friends, knitting or crocheting something simple or spending a day learning new skills.

Now this one I can do *laughs* I spend plenty of time daydreaming about my fantasy craft life ;)

I dream of having a giant, well lit craft room. In one corner there's a space set up for taking photos, with perfect lights and a crisp white back drop. A long desk runs down one wall, with a computer at one end, a sewing machine at the other and lots of space for crafting in the middle. 

There's also a sofa for sitting and knitting, a TV and a cool storage system for yarn and other craft materials. One wall is taken up with giant whiteboards.

So, now that I've set the scene *laughs*...

In my perfect day, I'd get up and head to my sanctuary. I'd post to my blog, check out my followed blogs and have a quick look at Ravelry. Social media bits and pieces. General online housekeeping. You know what I mean ;)

I'd switch on the TV for an hour or so of knitting on my latest project, waiting conveniently uninterrupted since my last knitting session. 

After a quick break for refreshments I'd head back to the computer, this time to work on my novel. The whiteboards are within easy chair-swiveling reach, for quick notes and keeping track of characters as I work. 

I totally imagine myself looking all intense and distracted at the same time, a pen shoved through my messy bun, glasses slipping down my nose absentmindedly as I type furiously *laughs* 

After a while of writing, I'd head down to my huge (imaginary so far) kitchen and whip up something for lunch. 

The afternoon would be taken up with more crafting - knitting, papercrafting, jewellery making, anything I feel like really. Then, preparing a tasty dinner to be enjoyed with cunning boyfriend, before snuggling up on the sofa together (of course, I'd also have my knitting with me at this point!)

*wistful sigh*

Ah, a girl can dream. 



  1. Uh oh - I have visions for my garage now (best not share with my husband at this stage!). Only thing I would change is the jewellery-making part... having studied a bit of silversmithing, it's absolutely FILTHY and would pollute my beautiful clean space with chemicals, grease and metal dust. I'd definitely set aside some time for jewellery design mind you (and get some other sucker to do the messy bit!)

    Seriously, I can now draw this out in my mind... in my garage... this may have been the most dangerous post you ever wrote!!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day!!!

  3. Oh that sounds perfect (well apart from novel writing for me). The work space also sounds perfect. In fact, I'm stealing your fantasy workspace ok?

  4. Certainly sounds like the perfect day to me! I love your vision of the perfect craft space.

  5. I like that you've added a larger kitchen into your fantasy.

  6. Your perfect day is so perfect... That reminds me the time when I wasn't a mother of a toddler! lol Have a nice day ;)

  7. Your perfect craft day sounds much like mine -- for some reason, I like crafting alone :-)

  8. That all sounds perfect! The knitting space and the day! :D

  9. A girl can and should dream!

  10. That does sound perfect, especially the bit about finding your knitting in one piece where you left it....I live in constant fear of children, cats or puppy!

  11. That day sounds fabulous!!

  12. That sounds absolutely perfect!

  13. What a wonderful day!


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