Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Queue

I thought it would be a good time to look at my queue of patterns I want to make; as the new Nerd Wars challenges are up, I'll be trying to knit things to fit into specific categories on there! But also, I tend to have a quick queue review *laughs at the rhyme* every now and again, to remind myself what I want to knit, and to remove anything I no longer love.

Plus, it's a really helpful way to line up my stashed yarn with actual projects, so that it might actually get used *laughs*

I've mentioned this before, and it is probably next on my to-knit list *grins*

I've had 3 balls of burgundy fingering/sock weight yarn in my stash since a couple of months after I started knitting... About time I chose a pattern for it really!

I've mentioned this next pattern before, probably some time ago. I didn't cast on as, at the time, everything I was knitting was 2x2 rib and I couldn't take any more ;) Of course, now everything I'm knitting seems to be grey, so it might still be a while before I get around to this *laughs*

 The Debbie Bliss yarn I bought in a destash will most likely become this...


And one last pattern, that I don't yet have yarn for. It will have to wait until I've achieved more in the stashbusting, but it'll be a nice reward I think *grins*


  1. ooooooh!
    I love all of the patterns you picked and the yarns you've picked to go with them too.
    Excited to see these projects.

  2. I LOVE looking through Ravelry for patterns that might fit with the yarn I have stashed! It is such a great way to get excited for a project. Let me say, that I really love all the projects you have picked out here, I think that you might have a hard time picking which to knit first!

  3. Love all of those. I really like the Stripe Study shawl. It needs to go into my queue!

  4. Mmmm, a stripe study shawl. I love that pattern---and, in fact, all the other pattern/yarn combinations you've posted (and the wingspan shawl, ajlsdjfkl. there's a crochet version but it's sadly not as pretty at all).

    You have excellent taste! ;) I can't wait to see all of these things come into being---particularly the Debbie Bliss yarn turning into that sweater, it's such a good colour and I think it will be fabulous.

  5. I'm making a wingspan right now, it's coming along slow because I hate the yarn I'm using.
    Good job of pairing yarn with project, those all seem like such great choices! And such a great way to reduce the stash.

  6. What great patterns. That last one is amazing.

  7. knit the shrug its lovely and so useful when you need another layer

  8. You have picked some lovely patterns, but the last one is absolutely amazing. Thank you for posting it as I'm definitely going to have a go at that.


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