Monday, 26 September 2011

U is for...

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who stopped by and left a comment on Friday - you guys really made my day *grins* Also, boyfriend's day, as he kept checking to see who else had commented on "his" post ;)

I tried to come up with something interesting to say today, but the only word I could think of was "ugh" - now it is raining and Monday, so that seems justifiable, but I try to keep this blog happy and smiley (for the most part, complaining about having a cold notwithstanding!) so an entire post of "ugh" things seemed a bit much *laughs*

So, we shall return to my I-can't-think-of-anything-so-just-grab-some-random-words-and-try-to-make-it-interesting approach to the alphabet ;)

  • Ucalegon - neighbour whose house is on fire - because that's when good neighbours become good friends
  • Ulotrichous - having wooly hair - see I do try to bring in something sheeplike to these random posts, although I have no idea if this refers to wooly animals, or humans with a wooly looking head of hair (of course, I am now picturing a human with a sheep's fleece instead of hair and it all gets a bit ridiculous!)
  • Unasinous - being equally stupid - because when you call multiple people stupid, their relative levels of stupidity may be questioned ;)
  • Undine - female water spirit, often colourful - and at last the origin of my online name is revealed *grins*
  • Uranoscopy - star-watching - is it just me, or do words with the ending "oscopy" sound very medical?  
And my favourite...
  • Usward - toward us - I absolutely intend to revive this word, I think it's great. "quick, run, that bear is heading usward!"

Today's Misadventures in Craft was brought to you by the letter "U".


  1. He he, love "usward" brightened up my Monday morning

  2. Even though I am currently studying anatomy, I can't help but think that Uranoscopy sounds like a very unpleasant medical exam...
    Hopefully a scope to check out that area will never come usward

  3. Usward! BRILLIANT! Shall use it all I can.

  4. I LOVE your random word lists!!! Always learn a new one (or two or three) from it!!! Enjoy your day!

  5. I do like usward ... sounds like something from Bonanza!

  6. Love these random word lists. I like the word ubiquitous and ulna. Ulna sounds like a nun's name though. "Sister Ulna! The ubiquitous bear is running usward!"

  7. Vanessa's comments made me laugh out loud. Brilliant!

  8. I will try to use usward today and see if anyone notices:)

  9. I'm pretty sure I can work Unasinous into my vocabulary! Thanks :)

  10. Great way of approaching the letter U. I'll join in on the fight to revive usward!

    For example ... during our last foray into uranoscopy it looked like a falling star was coming usward!

  11. Aha, at last I know where your online name originates. I have often wondered.


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