Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Unusual Words

As I have very little inspiration this morning, I turn to my trusty "list of unusual words" topic *laughs* I haven't done one for a while and I do enjoy them, so it seemed like a good plan...

My theme for this list is "words that I never knew existed/words that really have no need to exist"!

Agraffe - the wire that holds the cork in a champagne bottle
Callipygian - having beautiful or elegantly shaped buttocks
Dactylion - the tip of the middle finger
Erinaceous - relating to, or resembling, hedgehogs
Jumetous - smelling like horse urine
Mytacism - the incorrect or excessive use of the letter M
Preantepenultimate - fourth from last
Qualtagh - the first person you see upon leaving your house
Witzelsucht - a feeble attempt at humour

And, as always, one to tie this in to my blog:

Ulotrichous - having very wooly hair *laughs*


  1. I think I will give these words to my son for vocabulary and see if he can figure them out!
    Jumetous? Oh my!

  2. Mytacism? Incorrect or excessive use of the letter M? This is a THING? I'm amazed.

  3. Interesting list. I hope I never meet anyone who is jumetous.

  4. WOW! Those are tough ones! And is it bad that the only one I have even heard of before has to do with champagne? :-)

  5. I feel like I'm constantly guilty of witzelsucht. I hated taking spelling tests in school but now that I've been reading your list of weird words, I realize it really could have been so much worse!

  6. Callipygian...LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    I'm totally going to try working preantepenultimate into my conversations today.

  7. Those certainly are some unusual words. Love them!

  8. I happen to think that Witzelsucht would be very fun to say in a social situation. :-)

  9. Mytacism. I'm quite baffled by that one. And as for jumetous, I have to share that with my chap who has a very particular aversion to the smell of horses.


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