Thursday, 12 January 2012

Crafting Goals 2012

I know I'm a little late with this post, what with us being nearly 2 weeks into 2012 already, but better late than never, right? *laughs*

I don't make resolutions, I find that they lead only to failure and disappointment (for me at least!) But I do have some aims or goals... I know they sound like the same thing as resolutions, but in my head they are very different! I intend to do the things listed below, but if I don't do them this year then I can do them next year. Much more flexible than resolutions ;)

Knitting goals

  • Colourwork. As I showed yesterday, I have already started on this (thanks for all the comments/emails/tweets with tips - much appreciated!) 
  • Socks with an actual pattern. All of my socks so far have been plain; either stockinette or ribbed. I do plan to make some that have a little bit more going on, time to challenge myself I think!
  • Cabling without a cable needle. Looks like a good plan, and if the socks that I make have any kind of cables then I certainly don't want to be fiddling with tiny stitches and a cable needle as well as DPNs
  • Using stash. I know I've mentioned this one before! With lots of gorgeous yarns in my stash, and lots of patterns in my queue, it seems like an excellent time to stop buying and start knitting what I have
  • Finish up my WIPs. This is a really easy one, as I only have a couple on the go *laughs* The reason I include it is thanks to a comment from Tink yesterday - I had completely forgotten about the fuzzy ballet sweater, so I need to dig it out of hiding and get it done!
  • Make more garments. I have yarn for a number of garments, from jumpers (sweaters) to vests and cardigans. I love wearing garments that I have made, they feel so much more accomplished than accessories somehow. This goal will also help with the stash reduction goal of course *grins*
Non-knitting goals
  • Continue with the Cook from Cookbook (or magazines) challenge. Some of the recipes I have posted have become favourites in my house, and have been made a few times already. So the aim of increasing our meal repertoire has been achieved but can definitely continue ;)
  • Make some projects from my World of Geekcraft book, which will involve new skills and new crafts. I'm not specifying which skills/crafts/projects I intend to work on, because chances are I will change my mind plenty of times before finally deciding ;)
  • Get better at crochet. Or at least, make some more crocheted things. 

So, that should keep me busy for a while *laughs*


  1. I think your list is wonderful. I love your colorworks and can't wait to learn myself. I didn't know you could cable without a cable needle! I just learned to cable with a needle!
    I make lists too, not goals, that way there is no pressure.
    Have a great Thursday.

  2. that should keep you busy! I could go along with most of those myself, except that I haven't ever braved crochet, colourwork or socks before so I'd be starting from scratch.

  3. What a great list of goals! I totally agree that goals seem a bit better than resolutions. All this week I have been putting different goals on my blog, and I realized that if they were resolutions, none of them would be accomplished. But, with the goals, I have specific time frames in mind for getting them done. Good luck!

  4. These sound like great goals! Can I suggest you try Cookie A's Monkey socks for your first sock with a pattern? The pattern is fun to knit and easy to remember. The resulting socks are wonderful. They also knit up super quick because with each repeat you want to knit another. Good luck!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing your blog posts about achieving your goals :) It's a great list.

  6. That is a great list! A good mix of new methods and organization (destash, WIP). I'm excited to see your progress over the course of the year!

  7. These sound like great ideas! Good luck.

  8. I have goals too, no resolutions -- it seems resolutions are for changing in some way but goals are for aspiring to.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll accomplish a lot this year.

    1. Cabling without a needle is really awesome ... just give the loops a good pinch to keep them from pulling out!

      Love love the sweater!


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