Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cookbook Challenge #9

It's been a little while, but I have a new recipe to share for my Cookbook Challenge. Actually, I spent ages at the weekend clipping recipes from my ever-increasing pile of Good Food magazines, so I have quite a few new recipes to try out. Which is great, because as much as I love reading the magazine, cooking from it is obviously the point of getting it *laughs*

So, today's recipe is Quiche Lorraine Frittata

I made this as per the recipe, apart from increasing the ingredients slightly so I could use up all the eggs I had ;)

Fresh out of the oven:

Stupidly, I had forgotten to buy salad or anything to accompany it, so boyfriend and I just had a big slice each. It was really, really tasty, but quite rich! Definitely needed some sort of light accompaniment.

Mmmmm, look at the crunchy cheesy topping. The texture was very light and almost bubbly, much more like an omelette than a quiche. However, we had the leftovers cold last night, and the texture had settled into a denser consistency and was much more quiche-like. The richness seemed reduced as well, and on balance I think I prefer it cold.

It's such a simple recipe to make, so I'd say it'll get made again. Although next time I might halve the recipe. And remember the salad ;)


  1. That looks tasty. My husband would love the crunchy cheese topping. He loves all things cheese.

  2. Ooooooh thats looks very yummy, and I would love the topping :)

  3. I was wondering what to make for dinner tonight, this! I have left over deli ham that needs to be eaten asap.

  4. Just a little comment here to let you know that your comment on my blog accidentally got deleted because it somehow ended up on the spam list... I'll make sure to fish it out next time (before it's gone forever)!


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