Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year - Stash Status

So, now that we're well and truly into the new year (and I am back at work *sigh*), I thought it was about time I worked out the status of my stash...

Last time I worked this out, in November, I had used 11 balls up since I started counting (not including the in-progress projects).

Since then, I finished the socks I was working on, plus Hitchhiker, socks for my brother for Christmas, and (finally) my Cria *grins* You'll have to wait until Friday for the details on that one though ;)

So, add another 15.5 balls used up! Projects such as the dishcloths, mum's cardigan and mum's scarf unfortunately don't count towards my totals, as the yarn was specifically bought for the projects and therefore did not come from stash. But the 15 balls of yarn they used up does account for quite a lot of my knitting time!

I have been pretty good when it comes to yarn purchases in that time too. By November I had only bought 6 new balls of yarn since I started counting. Since then, a few more have come through the door, of course. But nothing too bad... I got 2 skeins of sock yarn from boyfriend for Christmas (50g skeins, so 2 required for a pair of socks) and I bought a few bits myself.

10 balls of Debbie Bliss Fez, in a lovely soft grey. This is the only thing I bought in the sales, I was very restrained and I made myself by a sensible quantity, instead of my usual trick of buying odd balls here and there and having nothing to do with them!

Talking of odd balls, the one other new yarn purchase was a single ball of King Cole Riot. I'd bought a single ball of this a while ago, with no plan, and it's been sitting in my stash ever since, waiting to be used. As I didn't have any idea what to do with it, I bought a second ball in a different colour to make a Noro Striped Scarf. So, one ball in equals 2 used up, which seemed like a good plan to me ;) No picture, because the scarf is already in progress.

As this is all a bit abstract, here are some actual figures:

Total stash (balls): 99.5
Total stash (meters): 19,632
Total stash (yards): 21,469

So, that is what I am aiming to reduce. Shouldn't be too hard *laughs*


  1. aah - the Noro scarf is fabulous! I love them.

  2. That is alot of counting of stash, and also a lot of balls...I am not sure how many I have used :O

  3. The New Year is a great time to check stash - I just did it too! If only that motivation lasted the whole year...

  4. I need to to a better count of my stash. I joined the stash reduction challenge, but not sure if I really have enough will power to hold out! That Debbie Bliss yarn is wouldn't hurt just to 'browse'her site.

  5. I wouldn't dare count what I have... I'll be cheering you on though.

  6. Dumb sales. Whenever Webs has one I always end up with more stash. I salute you for minimizing your stash!

  7. Really looking forward to seeing Cria on Friday. yay!

    I'm very impressed at your stash counting - it's something I really want to get on top of this year, although quite when, I have no idea - and it looks very satisfying.

    You're dead right about making sure you buy enough of a yarn to be useful. If you want a contrast edging to whatever you do with that yarn, you can have the 2 balls of teal that I bought and still haven't found anything to do with ;D (that's a serious offer, btw - they're too fuzzy for me!) No more single ball buying for me!

    Unless it's laceweight, obviously. That's a whole other thing ;)

  8. The number is so scary when you put it into yards. I don't think I' brave enough to figure out how many yards of stash I have.

  9. I can't believe you have so much yarn when you've only been doing this as long as me!

  10. 99 balls of yarn on the wall...


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