Thursday, 22 December 2011

To Do...

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I don't stick to them and they are just generally a bad idea (for me!)

But I found this list of knitting techniques/activities and, as it is coming towards the end of the year, I thought I should mark down which I have done, and which I would like to try over the course of the next year or so...

Those in bold I have done, those in italic I plan to do. 

- Afghan
- I-cord
- Garter stitch 
- Knitting with metal wire
- Shawl
- Stockinette Stitch
- Socks: Top-down
- Socks: Toe-up
- Knitting with camel yarn
- Mittens: Cuff-up
- Mittens: Tip down
- Hat
- Knitting with silk
- Moebius band knitting 
- Participating in a KAL - nope. I hate deadline knitting!
- Sweater
- Drop stitch patterns (as long as Clapotis counts!)
- Knitting with recycled/secondhand yarn
- Slip stitch patterns
- Knitting with banana fiber yarn
- Domino knitting - don't even know what it is!
- Twisted stitch patterns
- Knitting with bamboo yarn - I have some in my stash just waiting for its turn
- Two end knitting - ???
- Charity knitting
- Knitting with soy yarn
- Cardigan
- Toy/doll clothing 
- Knitting with circular needles
- Baby items
- Knitting with your own handspun - I don't (currently) spin
- Slippers - bad bad bad, but that was my own fault
- Graffiti knitting 
- Continental knitting
- Designing knitted garments - well, I designed something for myself, that's only ok, but it counts ;)
- Cable stitch patterns
- Lace patterns
- Publishing a knitting book
- Scarf
- Teaching a child to knit
- American/English knitting
- Knitting to make money - doesn't appeal in the slightest
- Buttonholes
- Knitting with alpaca
- Fair Isle
- Norwegian knitting
- Dying with plant colors
- Knitting items for a wedding
- Household items
- Knitting socks on two circulars - no point, I'm happy with DPNs or Magic Loop
- Olympic knitting
- Knitting with someone else’s handspun yarn
- Knitting with dpns
- Holiday-related knitting
- Teaching a male how to knit
- Bobbles
- Knitting for a living
- Knitting with cotton
- Knitting smocking
- Dyeing yarn
- Steeks
- Knitting art
- Fulling/felting
- Knitting with wool
- Textured knitting
- Kitchener BO
- Purses/bags
- Knitting with beads 
- Swatching
- Long tail CO
- Entrelac - no intentions, I'm just not keen on how it looks
- Knitting and purling backwards
- Machine Knitting
- Knitting with self-patterning/self-striping/variegated yarn
- Stuffed toys
- Knitting with cashmere
- Darning
- Jewelry
- Knitting with synthetic yarn
- Writing a pattern
- Gloves
- Intarsia
- Knitting with linen
- Knitting for preemies
- Tubular CO
- Freeform knitting
- Short rows
- Cuffs/fingerless mitts/armwarmers
- Pillows
- Knitting a pattern from an online knitting magazine
- Rug
- Knitting on a loom
- Thrummed knitting
- Knitting a gift
- Knitting for pets - not mine, but I did make toys for a friend's dog
- Shrug/bolero/poncho
- Knitting with dog/cat hair - why?!
- Hair accessories
- Knitting in public
- Double knitting

So, out of 100 I have already done/attempted 43. Not bad for a little over a year of knitting *grins* 


  1. I love this list! Thanks for sharing... I think I'll have to tally up what I've managed to do in my nearly 2 years of knitting!

  2. Ooh! I'll have to do this list. I've done quite a few of them myself!

  3. OMG - your list is fantastic! Congrats on all of your accomplishments!!

  4. Yes, why knit cat or dog hair?

    This is one of my favourite stories: A friend of mine had a dog, a chow chow, some Chinese dog with long hair. He lost lots of hair. So my friend Sibylle collected the hair/wool for a long time, spun it, which took a lot of time and knitted a sweater. She wore the sweater on a rainy day and smelled like a dog. :-)

  5. I reckon you've missed off at least one achievement, because you must either be knitting English or continental style!

    Entrelac is a funny one, with the right yarn it can look awesome. Mostly I'm thinking of the Quant headscarf from Knitty.

  6. Excellent and impressive list! I can't believe you've only been knitting for a year. I can't wait to watch all the things you do this year:)

  7. You are the list maker extraordinaire. This is wonderful. I'm going to sit down with it and see how I do. I've been knitting for about 45 years and I reckon you have beat me in a year.
    Given what you have already done, I think you could do absolutely anything you wanted to on this list and things you haven't evewn thought of yet.


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