Wednesday, 17 July 2013

To Frog or not to Frog

One of my Works in (limited) Progress that has been sat on the needles for a while is a shawl. It's going to be an Ishbel, but there's a small issue... I've made a mistake in the lace, but I have no idea where *sigh* In fact, I have probably made multiple mistakes, so I really don't think I can get away with frogging the lace section.

I felt like I'd done loads and loads of work on it, so I was reluctant to pull it all out, hence why it has sat in my knitting basket in time out for a while. But when I got it out to take a few pictures, it seems I haven't done as much as I thought.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing *laughs*

Anyway, the shawl in question:

And a better picture of the colours:

The yarn was originally purchased to be socks for my lovely boyfriend. I knit the toes and showed him, and he could see that I had fallen in love with the yarn - he rolled his eyes and asked if I suddenly wanted the socks to be for me *laughs* I said no, actually I thought it would make a really nice shawl.

This is where he gets lots of brownie points - because he immediately agreed that the yarn would be much nicer as a shawl, the colours will look great with jeans, and insisted I rip out the socks and make myself a shawl *grins*


  1. Whatever you decide to do with it, that's lovely yarn.

  2. Personally, I would do one of two things: 1, figure out how many stitches I have. Use a row to get it to the correct number and just start the lace from where you last stopped. That way, I'd get a clean start with your lace and if you messed it up as often as you say you did it might just look like a different section of lace. 2, rip the whole shawl out and just start from scratch again. It really sucks but the yarn you have is perfect for the pattern so it would definitely be worth the effort if you did that.

  3. Oh it's so pretty! I love the yarn. Can you rip it back to the stockinette part and start the lace again? That way you'd only lose a portion of your work. Also when you start again be sure to put in a lifeline every now and then you will have a mistake-free point to go back to. I wish you weren't an ocean away. I love solving lace mysteries and have for a few friends:)

  4. What great yarn! Yes it would go well with jeans...really everything. Good Luck with matter what you choose it is lovely.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

  5. It depends on whether you can live with the mistakes or not. I have a mistake in my Icarus Shawl. I tried to fix it because I *knew* where it was...but I couldn't fix it. So I have an extra yarn over and an extra K2tog to fix it. I know exactly where the one mistake is. If you look for it, you can find it. Otherwise, no one notices.

  6. urgh I hate making mistakes in lace, especially as I don't tend to use lifelines :-S Sometimes tinking back can be worth doing and is less soul destroying than frogging, you'd need to work out where the mistake is though. Usually with me it's forgetting something simple like a yarn over or knitting a stitch that I was supposed to do a decrease with

  7. It is gorgeous yarn. I'd probably rip and restart because the mistakes would bug me. Fixing lace errors is completely beyond me :)

  8. The arn is really pretty, it would be a pitty not to frog the lace section and start all over. :-)

  9. The yarn is too pretty to sit as an unfinished object.

    I used to find frogging quite distressing as I was ruining hours and hours or knitting. But I counter that with lovely yarn sitting in a cupboard because I don't like the item or I notice the mistakes on it.
    I'd rather have that time as a learning experience and the yarn full of potential again.


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