Friday, 19 July 2013

Introducing Diego...

A slightly different FO Friday this week (I don't have any knitting even close to being finished currently!)

I'd like to introduce Diego, the Stag:

Like I said, a bit different *laughs*

Recently I was contacted by Homecrafts, purveyors of many crafty things, and asked if I would be interested in rehoming a deer head, decorating it and showing it off. Always up for a bit of a challenge, I said I would love to ;)

So, this arrived:

My mind immediately went to steampunk... I was envisioning copper wire, goggles, the usual. But I always go for steampunk, so I thought it was time I branched out. I considered all sorts of options and then decided I really wanted to try my hand at a Dios del las Meurtos design (Mexican Day of the Dead).

I painted the whole head with a couple of coats of white acrylic, to give me a base to start from, and then started designing with marker pens.

It was really good fun *grins* A lot of the styles and shapes are the types of design that I like to doodle anyway, but put together in a different way than I have done before.

The Day of the Dead skull, or calavera, is a sugar skull used to adorn the altar during the Day of the Dead.

And Day of the Dead is the annual celebration of those we have loved and lost, celebrated as a national holiday in Mexico (hence the choice of a Mexican name for my stag!)

Diego is currently residing in the guest room, although he may have to make his way into the office, where I keep all my toys and silly, creative stuff *grins*


  1. He's awesome. I love all the thought that went into the added designs. I had no idea about Day of the Dead.

  2. LOL he is awesome. He needs to be out somewhere he can be admired.

  3. He is gorgeous and your Day of the Dead idea is very appropriate.

  4. My mind went immediately to Dia de los Muertos and probably would have grandparents used to go to Mexico every year and bring me back items used for decoration on Dia de los Muertos. I wonder whatever happened to it....I probably got rid of it. Oh well.

  5. I love him! Well done!!

  6. Love love LOVE IT. I need to pick one up for my place and doodle all over it.

  7. He is fabulous! I can't believe how different all the deers turned out. I must get round to blogging about mine!


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