Monday, 3 June 2013


I thought it might be about time I had a bit of a clearout of my knitting basket:

It seems to be overflowing a bit *laughs* I think it's because everytime I tidy up, anything knitting related just goes into the basket. Very lazy of me, I know ;)

So I cleared everything out of it...

And now it is all neat and tidy, with WIPs in project bags and everything else put away where it should actually live.

I'm taking bets now on how long it stays this neat *laughs* I give it a few days ;)

Oh, and the John Lewis bag and colourful yarn you can see in the top picture will have their own post, because new yarn deserves it *grins*


  1. Hey, at least the stuff in your knitting basket is all knitting related, I shove everything in mine, if I can't be bothered to put it where it should go. Exhibits A-C: A) Pack of paracetamol, B) Tissues, C)Packet of Polos. There is more, but those were the three things that first came to hand. It's not even a very big basket!

  2. I love the idea of a knitting basket, I'm terrible for leaving my stuff all over the place. I'm not sure if I'd trust my littlest to leave it alone yet though :-S

    The colourful yarn looks lovely, looking forward to seeing your post about it :)

  3. You're so good. I am unable to add your blog to my Wordpress dashboard. There isn't an RSS or Atom feed detected for some reason. Any chance you can add the email subscription to your sidebar?


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