Monday, 13 May 2013

Do They Match?

During knitting and crochet blog week, I created this infographic:

As you can see, it shows the breakdown of my crafting - from the 96 items in my queue and the 76 items in my stash, to the finished objects I have made.

What I thought would be interesting is to see if the types of projects I put in my queue are actually the same types of projects that I actually make *laughs* Do they match?

[Just a note - in case you don't know/use the queue feature in Ravelry - essentially if you spot a pattern you like you can add it to your "queue" - you can assign the yarn you plan to use, which is a useful feature, and you can set a deadline to make the item, which is not so much a feature I use!]

So, from the stats above (I have actually made a lot more than 58 things - I have 99 projects loaded into Ravelry, I just picked out the most common types for the graphic)...

20% of my projects are garments
25% are pairs of socks
35% are accessories (mitts, scarves, hats, etc)
19% are "other" (shawls, dishcloths, blankets)

I now have 100 items in my queue (yeah, I've added a few in the last week *laughs*)... Incidentally, it makes working out the percentages easy!

So, of my queued items:

15% are accessories
39% are garments
17% are socks

As for the "other" category - well, I have become a lot more interested in knitting shawls lately, so even though I didn't have enough finished to justify a category in the graphic, I have so many queued that I think they deserve their own figure, as they now represent 22% of my queue!

So, what does this tell me?

Well, I clearly queue a lot more garments than I actually make *laughs* Obviously garments can take a bit longer than other items, which does contribute, but reviewing my queue has given me a bit of a push back towards the garment projects.

I knit more socks than I queue - not surprising as I tend to knit plain socks and rarely pick up a more complicated pattern. But I do have some cool sock patterns queued, so maybe it's time to branch out a little more ;)

I'm becoming more drawn to shawls, so my sock yarn stash now has more options *laughs* I don't queue nearly as many accessory patterns as I make - I think because when it comes to accessories I tend to have the yarn first and then go searching for a pattern to fit. All of the accessories I do have queued are linked with the yarn I tend to use, which confirms this.


  1. Ha, I've never thought of how my queue and projects line up...just like you, I pin a lot of garments but I very very rarely make any for myself. I'm not even sure if I actually want to knit all the things in my's just nice to have it as a sounding board.

  2. Brilliant info graphic.

    I'm hopeless when it comes to Ravelry. I'm a bit random about whether a pattern is queued or favourited and I forget to list most of my projects!

  3. I don't utilize my queue much except just recently this year for projects I am really going to make.


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