Thursday, 16 May 2013

Creativity - ish

If you happen to follow me on instagram, you might have noticed I have developed a bit of a penchant for experimenting with nail varnish. I never used to wear it at all, finding it too much of a hassle - especially as I seem to manage to chip half of it off within a couple of days *laughs*

But I do like having nails that compliment my outfit, so I started playing again...

Copper houndstooth (to go with a reddy/orange dress)

My (not very good) attempt at yellow/orange/red gradient

I love this one, but somehow only have a really low quality picture :( It's lilac polish with lorem ipsum writing over the top of it.

The yellow with black dots makes me think of racing for some reason...

My first experiment - I had some old varnishes that had gone a bit gungy, so I scribbled them over boring grey varnish for a Jackson Pollock look ;)

I do sometimes go for the more classic look though *laughs*

The writing, dots and houndstooth patterns are all achieved using nail stamping plates - I'm not skilled enough to actually draw that kind of stuff on!


  1. I love the Jackson Pollack look!

  2. You are so patient. I don't wear polish on my fingers b/c it always starts coming off from the sides within a few days.

  3. I'm hopeless at keeping nail polish on.
    I tried nail stickers once and they were falling off by the end of the night.


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