Monday, 18 March 2013

Potential Shawls - Roundup

Thank you for such lovely comments on my pretty pink shawl on Friday *smiles*

A couple of commenters mentioned that they liked the idea of a shawl that starts from the longest part and gets smaller as it goes. I certainly liked that feature, so I thought I would post a roundup of some other shawls with the same construction - I've been looking at them for my next shawl project *laughs*

I used the wonderful search features of Ravelry to find shawls with the characteristics "triangle shaped" and "bottom up" - if you click here, you can find the full results. There are also a lot of crescent shawls that start from the lace prtion, but as they still have quite a long cast off, I haven't included them here.

Damask - Kitman Figeroua (the same designer as my pink shawl)

© kitman

Summer Mystery Shawlette - Wendy D. Johnston.

This one is actually a free pattern - as it was a mystery pattern that was released as various clues during its original knitalong, it comes in 5 separate parts.

© Wendy D. Johnson

My Heaven - Patusha

Another free pattern. The image used for the pattern page is pretty but doesn't show what the shawl would look like, nearly leading me to skip past it. Luckily I looked closer, because I think it is lovely.

© bienchensmama

A lot of the other patterns in the search results had "bottom up" in the description, but I can't quite work out if they mean the same thing I do (start with a long cast on and decrease down to a few stitches before binding off). I've included one of these below, because it is just gorgeous *laughs*

Aranami Shawl - Olga Buraya-Kefelian

© olgajazzy


  1. Thanks for this, think my favourite is olgajazzy's, perhaps because the colours make it look modern and not too old ladyish.

  2. My marathon bottom up shawl was It is lace knit on each row. It was hard, but at least it got smaller over time.

  3. I'm just reaching the longest rows of my Earth&Sky shawl, and rapidly running out of patience. Each row is taking me 25 minutes, and there are still about 30 to go. So this roundup is very welcome! I'm not crazy about the lacy ones though (but I LOVE aranami! That is going on my to do list NOW!!!)
    Hm, and your friday post didn't show up in my reader. Going to look for it now...

  4. Woah. So many shawls! Maybe someday I'll brave up and knit one.

  5. I really like the top one. The edging is lovely. BUT by far my favorite is the one on the bottom. Are you planning to make that one?

  6. This is a lovely post, and all those shawls are beautiful :)

  7. Holy cow that Damask is a gorgeous pattern! Thanks for finding these and, of course, posting them. :) Hope you're well. (((hugs))) - Alex

  8. These are all so pretty. What a selection. You are a hardcore lace enthusiast.

  9. I LOVE the last one! Wish I liked knitting...


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