Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Competitive Knitting

I don't mean a knitting competition, no, I'm talking about my knitting projects competing with each other *laughs*

After posting last week about the progress on my Subtle Stripes cardigan, I suddenly became hyper focused on it, and finished the body, button band and half a sleeve *laughs*

Before that, legwarmer two had been calling to me, begging almost, because I only had a few inches to do before starting the ribbing. So I did that.

And now I have two projects nearing completion that are competing for my attention. The legwarmer will take less time, it only needs about 4 inches more, but the cardigan is coming along so nicely. The hyper focus really paid off and I don't want to lose momentum.

Of course, this is usually the point at which I give up and cast on something else entirely *laughs* And I have a final decision on what to knit from this post - Berwick. This is thanks to the ever lovely Tink, who sent me the pattern as a secret santa gift recently - thank you!

I'm trying so hard to resist casting on, especially when the other projects are so close to being finished. This is a serious test of my supremely weak willpower, so watch this space!


  1. I've been hyper focused lately too, unfortunately on not knitting...
    I can't wait to watch you knit Berwick. No hurry though.

  2. I hate that feeling. I've been hyper focused on school work but I have a present for my mom as well as a new sweater for me I want to knit and I can never decide which one to do.

  3. Oh but a competition would be so much fun! Think of all of trash talk that could occur!

  4. Oh I hear ya! I've got three in the works. It's lovely to hear your legwarmer and cardi are almost done.


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