Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I don't think I have mentioned Cunning Boyfriend's children before now. He has two sons, aged 10 and 7. For the purposes of anonymity I shall name them Thing One and Thing Two ;)

Anyway, the reason I am introducing the boys, is due to another introduction that occurred on Saturday...

Yep, this is me and Thing Two doing some knitting *smiles*

I think this weekend was the first time the boys have actually seen me knitting (boyfriend and I don't live together yet, so they have yet to experience the stash and multitude of projects lying around) and Thing Two was fascinated.

I was supposed to be helping to decorate the Christmas tree, but he kept directing me back to my knitting to finish what I was working on so that he could have a go *laughs*

So I finished what I was doing, and cast on a few stitches...

After about 3 stitches he declared it far too difficult and didn't want to play any more, but it was so cute how much he was concentrating. I didn't push it, but I'm hoping he'll want to have another go at some point. Maybe next time I will manage to get him holding the needles without a death grip ;)

Thing One was far more interested in playing with his dad's iPad mini - I'm pretty sure I won't be turning him into a knitter any time soon *laughs*


  1. like your name reference very much :-)

  2. I'm waiting for my nephews to ask me to teach them to knit. They have watched me for 4 years during my visits and "Aunty Chrissy is ALWAYS knitting" is a bit of a joke now. They always want to stroke the yarn and ask about what I'm making, but they have yet to ask if they can have a go. Maybe this Christmas I'll take some spare yarn and needles - just in case they ask.

  3. You've planted a seed and that is all that matters:)

  4. Cute story. I bet he'll want to try again.

  5. I'm still trying to get my 20 year old daughter to knit! This is a great start!

  6. I've taught boys to knit. One of them actually blew my mind. He literally watched me showing one of the girls and after about 20 minutes went and got needles and asked me to cast on for him. Then he walked away and sat on the other side of the room. Twenty minutes later he can back with 20 perfectly knitted rows and asked me "what comes next?"
    Give him time, he'll try again.

  7. I think he will want to give it another go sometime soon. The death grip, that would be one of my daughters too though after she received momma made knitting needles of her own, she has given more time to it and her grip is much better : ) Thanks for sharing!

  8. That's great Thing 2 was curious enough to try knitting. I hope he has another go one day. Maybe showing what cool socks, beanies, and toys can be created via kntting?


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