Monday, 29 October 2012

Overdue Stash Busting Update

It's been ages since I did a stash status update - May was the last time!

The totals then were:

Total stash (balls): 98.1
Total stash (meters): 18,695.5
Total stash (yards): 20,445.5

Since then, I have bought:

Wollmeise... Zauberball...

Noro... Malabrigo 

Norwegian yarn 

Oh, yeah, and 2 balls of Cashmerino that I used so fast that I didn't get round to taking a picture *laughs*

So, 8 balls/skeins in. How about out?

Well, I made 2 shawls (2 skeins of Wollmeise for Stripe Study, 1 ball Norwegian yarn for Wingspan), a shrug (3 skeins of Cascade Dolce), 4 pairs of socks (4 balls of sock yarn), a granny square lap blanket (2 balls), a cowl (1 skein of sock yarn), a scarf (the Malabrigo) and a hat (the Cashmerino).

I also scrapped the 3 balls of horrible yarn I replaced with the Malabrigo, taking me up to 18 out.

According to my (admittedly not spectacular) maths skills, that should put me at down a total of 10 balls/skeins of yarn, give or take some scrappy bits. 

So, let's look at the handy spreadsheet from my Ravelry stash and see *laughs*

Total stash (balls): 87.5
Total stash (meters): 16,223.2
Total stash (yards): 17,741.7

Look at that, my maths was right! And I have an overall stash reduction too ;)

Of course, what this shows is that in 6 months I have reduced my stash by less than one skein per month, but who's counting? Oh, yeah, I am *laughs* Nevertheless, I am taking it as a win. 


  1. LOL...any reduction is a bonus points for crappy yarn out, awesome yarn in. =)

  2. Well if you have to buy new yarn, at least you picked out some gorgeous choices!

  3. My dear Nat, stash acquisition beyond life expectancy (SABLE) is absolutely compulsory for a serious knitter, didn't you know ;D


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