Monday, 18 November 2013


When I was posting about my latest yarn purchases, I totally forgot to mention another new yarn I have (I discovered it in my "special yarns" box and it reminded me).


And then I wondered why the hell I hadn't thought about posting my trip to Toronto before now!

The plan started last year. I mentioned ages and ages ago that I participated in a knitting competition in Ravelry, called Nerd Wars. Well, I joined Team Impala (fans of the TV show Supernatural) and quickly became firm friends with my teammates.

So much so, that when it was suggested that those who could make it try and attend a Supernatural convention in Toronto, I decided why not?!

Plans changed a few times, thanks to money and flights and general organisation, but I ended up flying to New York, spending an afternoon there (and then sleeping over at team captain's place) and then driving to Toronto, picking up another team mate on the way.

We even managed to find time to stop at Niagara Falls - somewhere I have always wanted to go *grins*


We got there as the sun was setting, and it was sooooooooo beautiful.

I then spent 3 days in Toronto, at the convention, getting to hang out with friends I'd known online for close to 2 years. And had my picture taken with Phoenix (one of my lovely team mates) and Misha Collins, who is as lovely in the flesh as you might think. 

And hey, a picture of me that contains a knitted item where the picture wasn't taken specifically to show off the item *laughs*

One thing I also wanted out of my trip was to buy some American junk food and some dishcloth cotton (when I discovered that Walmart has the cotton for about $1, and I pay A LOT more than that here). I'd mentioned both missions to my team, so captain and I stopped for a supply run on the way, and then lovely teammate TKS bought a huge bag of cotton for me *grins*

My haul (oh yeah, also bought Caron Simply Soft, because I really like it)


The cotton from lovely teammate


And the junk food:


While we had some downtime in Toronto, we stopped at 2 yarn shops. I bought some pretty fibre:


And the beautiful yarn at the top was another gift from lovely teammate. 

Wow, this post turned out a lot longer than I had planned - that's what happens when I don't post for a while, I end up with lots to say! And have apparently decided "lovely" is the only descriptor I'm using today *laughs*


  1. That's great that you could make the trip! Claire shared some pictures with us, but didn't realize you were in them! I saw Claire at Rhinebeck...I also spent a day in the city with her last year!

  2. ooo that yarn at the top is gorgeous!

    Niagara Falls is one of the places on my list to visit, very envious of you

  3. That looks like an amazing trip! I am having yarn envy right now :)

    I also envy you as I would love to go to Niagara Falls as well, it looks so beautiful! Great photos!

  4. Woo-hoo for the trip! And yes, kitchen cotton is crazy-cheap here. I maintain it's because of our cotton plantation roots in the south...lots of cotton down south. I have more in my stash than I know what to do with...but I like it :)

  5. i love your haul of junk food! the twizzler bites are a particularly excellent choice.


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