Monday, 11 February 2013

On Disappointment

After my post on Friday, about my disappointing socks, I started to muse about disappointing knitting.

I am quite lucky, I have been delighted with most of the projects to come off my needles. I've certainly had projects that I never finished because they weren't turning out right, but very few that I consider truly disappointing FOs.

My Brown jumper is, in hindsight, a little disappointing. The arms are too long, the neckline is bodged, the colour of the yarn is overwhelmingly samey and the body is a little short. But, and this is an important but, it was my first jumper/sweater and therefore those faults aren't so much disappointments as learning experiences. I keep meaning to go back to it and see if I can fix it to be more my liking though *laughs*

The very first garment I made, which was supposed to be a capelet type thing, came out completely wrong. My gauge was pretty far out, and I was a little saddened, until I blocked it to within an inch of its life, and ended up with a cute shrug that I prefer to the cape *smiles*

Now that I look back through my projects, there are some that I love, some that I like, some that I like well enough but don't seem to wear... But nothing that is really disappointing.

Recently I ripped out the back and half a front of a cardigan I had started, because I knew it wouldn't turn out right at all. I am learning more and more to see when a project just isn't going anywhere - which is something I didn't do well at first. I have other projects that I never finished, but I always felt a little guilty about them.

Of course, finishing something only to be disappointed seems like a much worse fate, so I am happy to have learned when to say enough *laughs*


  1. I have some projects that I feel the same way about. They were learning experiences only. And I have yet to get to that point where I can tell if a project is going to come out wrong or not...maybe someday.

  2. I love this post! We should start a "Disappointing Knitting" FB page where we can all have a laugh and contribute our worst!

  3. Ha, this could make an interesting blog post for Valentine's Day! Objects you love and ones that you had to "break up" with. ;)

  4. I know it too :) Plenty of ripping and not wearing going on here too. But the ones we love? WORN ALL THE TIME :)

  5. I have had my share of disappointing knits. When I've learned something from them I find them less of a disappointment but when I knew more than half way through there was a problem and I just kept going I am really unhappy.

  6. It happens unfortunately but there's something to be learned. Your accomplishments far outweigh these disappointments.


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